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Birthdate:Dec 17
Location:Ellenbrook, WA, Australia
I'm Dani, or Danilicious. I'm honest, and I care about people, and I make a damn fine guardian and protector.

When I'm not being a total bitch.

Interests (75):

all american rejects, bat for lashes, bdsm, being a shit, being angry at shit, being hostile for no good reason, biting, blastoise, blood, bones, boundaries, brand new, cedar, d/s, diy, ds, eating out, ecofloristic provinces, ecology, ecosystems, endemic plants, ethics, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, forgetting to eat, gaming, gardening, gotta catch em all, growling, guardians, guarding, hating terminal insomnia, house of leaves, jimmy eat world, live fast die young, looking after people, making shit, making your life hell, mark z. danielewski, native plants, not backing down, orange oil, painplay, passionfruit, pine, pineapple, pissing off, pissing people off, pokemon, pruning, quick showers, rainforests, ranting, red, rough sex, running, safety, sandalwood, sarah mclachlan, seasonal change, seasons, sekhmet, sephiroth/cloud, standing up for what i believe in, swearing, teeth, tekken, telling people to shove it, terminal insomnia, the early november, the vampire diaries, tori amos, united states of tara, warrior energy, wildflowers
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